What is it – ludomania and what is it eaten with?

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Ludomania is a pathological addiction to gambling, in other words, gambling addiction. Formed from two words: the Latin ludo – I play and the ancient Greek – passion, madness. Sometimes gambling addiction is called gambling addiction (in translation from English – a game for money). “The rose smells like a rose, even if you call it a rose, though not,” wrote William Shakespeare. Likewise with ludomania, if you do not name it, it will still remain a disease that has been in ICD-10 since 1999. In the American diagnostic and statistical manual on mental disorders, gambling appeared even earlier – in 1994.

At the end of the 19th century, the first single-drum apparatus, the Horseshoes, was created by the American Gustav Schulz, which could count winnings and pay money. Did the creator think about the consequences? Indeed, by the 70s of the 20th century, the prevalence of slot machines led to the extinction of the film industry business. So in England, gaming halls became so popular that some cinema owners were forced to close. Attendance at the cinema has plummeted, the people were absorbed and mesmerized by the bright automatons promising winnings.

Like any other disease, ludomania has manifestations. Perhaps the first thing to pay attention to is a strong dedication to the gameplay. It is not so important whether a person wins a victory or suffers only defeats, he is constantly involved in the game. The patient cannot control himself, time for him as if does not exist. In especially neglected cases, a lawyer can commit criminal offenses: theft, robbery, blackmail, forgery, and so on. All for the sake of one goal – to continue the game. Ludomania as a parasite, slowly changes, adjusts its carrier under itself. Even the most honest and decent person, if he has found ludomania in his brain, begins to lie to his family and friends. He hides the amount of time spent in a gambling establishment, the amount of money lost. Indifference to the world around us is another characteristic feature of the foodman.

Researches of scientists from the USA have shown that gambling addiction is more typical for males, but gambling can be more difficult for women. Women manage to get addicted to games three times faster, and at the same time the treatment of the disease is more difficult. According to statistics, one out of every three people is a woman. It is worth paying attention to the fact that alcohol and / or drug abusers are more susceptible to ludomania.

Physiology of Ludomania

Ludomania is a serious disease that affects not only the work of the nervous system, but also neurophysiology. During the gameplay, foci of excitation appear in the cerebral cortex. They are activated only when the bet is made. After it becomes known to the perfectionist if the wager has played, the cerebral cortex returns to its normal state. It is worth noting that a focus occurs only when a dependent expects a result, that is, the result itself is not important. The appearance of the focus is accompanied by the release into the blood of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, as well as endorphins, similar in their mode of action to opiates. A large amount of these chemicals in the blood leads to a dangerous state of euphoria. The patient will do his best to experience this sensation again. In this case, “everything possible” is the betting. Regular release of hormones has a negative effect on the psyche, it is difficult for it to experience such loads all the time, exhaustion occurs. Gradually, a “positive emotions = game” connection arises in the brain, it becomes more and more difficult for the patient to experience positive emotions in ordinary life. From this arises indifference to the surrounding world, which was discussed in the first part of the article. The work of the internal organs is also impaired. Hormones make them work at maximum capacity, and ultimately this leads to decompensation. There is nothing to talk about the appearance of igrozavisimogo! He looks like a drug addict. Yes, and the signs of ludomania itself are very similar to drug addiction.

Separately, it is worth noting the exposure of children to gambling addiction. They are emotional, and the personality is not yet fully formed. If you do not want your child to be involved in the dangerous world of ludomania, pay close attention to his upbringing, set a good example. Try to make less accents on material values, do not cultivate in your child the awareness that all problems can be solved if you have money.

So, ludomanii should be taken seriously. This is a real disease that changes both the mind and the body. Unfortunately, coping alone with addiction is almost impossible. Therefore, if you have noticed your relatives, friends or have the symptoms described above, contact the appropriate doctors and be patient. Ludomania is curable. And the sooner help is given, the more reliable the result will be.