Spam and newsletters from casino and gambling sites

A woman called me today and said that from my number I’m sending out a call to visit the site and play at the casino. To be honest, I got a little stuck, because I never dealt with such notifications and spam, especially on a mobile phone, not to mention email. I sat for a little while, thought and understood that some kind of dickheads made a spam mailing from my second number left on the site in the “contacts” section, in order to put me out as some kind of asshole. The number has already been blocked, and on the haters he gave a dick, as I usually do.

In general, I consider a resource that spammed to players without their permission and voluntary consent – these are complete fagots and scammers, I always gladly send such letters to the spam section and write a complaint to them. From normal sites such shit, it was noticed that blogs Kulsten and TTR suffer. The most funny thing is that it is almost impossible to unsubscribe from the useless crap they send, because the slaves do not have such a function.