What causes gaming addiction

What causes gaming addiction

he plots of films and TV shows are obvious, the cases from life are commonplace. Didn’t you notice that she’s carrying only assholes? Life is unfair a priori. You can be a lazy asshole and not make efforts, but you are rushing with work and chicks; You do not need to learn for many years – a unique brain allows you to cut loot like Steve Jobs. It is a matter of chance, luck, the ability to be cunning, but all this does not work if you become a ludoman! All players end up about the same – bad. There are no “happy” players.

Personally, I do not know anyone who was satisfied with the game or could control himself, allowing him to roll on holidays occasionally. Ludoman always goes to the bottom, only the rate of fall is different for everyone.

The consequences of gambling

Ludomania is a mental illness. At various game moments, hormones are produced in the head, akin to how to use cocaine. About the banal adrenaline, I am silent. After the game, did you not notice a feeling of depression, fatigue, a desire to hammer dick on the remnants of money, drain them and go to sleep? Hi adrenaline, or rather othodnyaku after him. Why does he need every student knows. Its effects on the body should be short-term – to run away from the tiger, from fear of jumping over the 5 meter fence. Ludoman can sit and play at max beta all night long, while “running away from a predator.” I am not a doctor, but I know that when playing in the body, a lot of any bjaki is produced that mobilizes the body, then another decay product. In general, if you masturbate yourself as a game, you will eventually think of your teeth, nerves, heart, kidneys and money. In addition to psychic breaking add and adrenaline.

Do you know that psychologists and psychiatrists are involved in the development of slot machines?

If you are a player, you always think that it’s not like all that navel of the earth, that you are the chosen one. You console yourself that the game is just a hobby, a temporary occupation. Sooner or later the end will come to your savings, family, work itself, especially if it is connected with finances. You will not have normal clothes, but there will be loans. Yes, you can earn at times more than your friends, but you will look worse – like shit, you will shoot them a trifle up to salary.

Excitement does not kill immediately like a bullet, it is like smoking – slowly but surely you are committing voluntary suicide. Until you plunge headlong into shit, you do not fasten. No one left at dawn, being the winner, all who threw, sank to the social bottom. You will constantly pursue the idea to recoup all year. When you cross the line of understanding that this is not possible, the game will be considered as mining of money. Any player simply does not understand what bad prospects he has. Excitement can sleep peacefully in your blood like a hepatitis virus, and at one fine moment you will ruin your whole life, lose everything you had and could have.

Strong-willed people subject to gambling addiction suffer more. The nature of the matter is that if something does not work out – go all the way, like sheep. Resist more – then it will be worse. The game will break anyway. A matter of time and nerves. Weakly degraded as individuals: loneliness, alcoholism, sociopathy, depression – the inevitable companions of the game.

The game takes away all interests in life: friends, chicks, communication, youth. Ah, yes, yes … you say that losses mobilize and make you motivate to earn more? For most people, such mobilization is to wave more often with a shovel, as a rule … There is no excuse for a game. Everyone will find their bottom, I have already found.