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Casino News 09-10-2020

Casino Shambala organised a test launch, opening in October

Recently, the Shambala Casino Administration gave the public and the media a test run to show what they have achieved in the two years of construction. All major works have already been completed and some equipment has already been installed in the facility. But according to the casino representative, there is still a lot of […]

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Warlords Slot Review - What is New With This Slot Machine?
Casino News 23-12-2018

Warlords Slot Review – What is New With This Slot Machine in 2018?

Warlords: Crystals Of Power – Three Kings Slot – Video, Demo, Play, Bonus and Payouts. This online slot machine game is another in the Chinese-inspired slot games, which are colourful too. This Warcraft themed video slot game gives you the chance to win big, cash and prizes. In this Warcraft inspired slot machine game, you […]

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